*Om Ganeshaaya Namahaa*
I decided today to begin a blog that is my attempt to understand the Bhagavad Gita.
I can’t remember the exact date, but it was around 5 years ago that I chanced upon a television program in India where a prominent teacher of the Gita was conducting a discourse in English, stripped of all the usual pomp and ceremonial activities that usually accompany a discourse. As I watched that program, I realized that there is something here that is attracting me, but I could not quite explain why. I tried to watch that program as often as possible during my 3 month stay in India.
When I returned to the US to continue my work, those Gita discourses stuck in my head. I began to buy commentaries on the Gita from several authors, and eventually came across a teacher whose audio discourses resonated with me. Now I am looking at the end of the 18th chapter (the last chapter) of the Gita, and having gone through it over the course of 2 years, still feel a need to understand it deeply.
This blog is my attempt to restart my journey of the Gita, beginning with the first verse of chapter 1. But this time, I want to go deeper and understand each verse to the best of my ability. I will keep the language as simple as possible, and provide examples that I and most people can relate to.