maharsheenaam bhriguraham giraamasmyekamaksharam |
yajnyaanaam japayajnyosmi sthaavaraanaam himaalayaha || 25 ||

Among the great sages I am Bhrigu, among spoken words I am the one letter (Om). Among the sacrificial rituals I am the ritual of japa, and among the immovable objects I am the Himalayas.
maharsheenaam : among the great sages
bhriguhu : Bhrigu
aham : I am
giraam : among spoken words
asmi : I am
ekam : the one
aksharam : letter
yajnyaanaam : among the sacrificial rituals
japayajnyaha : ritual of japa
asmi : I am
sthaavaraanaam : among the immovable objects
himaalayaha : Himalayas
Shri Krishna considers the great sage Bhrigu, the foremost among the great sages. as Ishvara’s manifestation. Bhrigu is one of the seven sages or the Sapta Rishis that were willed into existence by Lord Brahma at the beginning of creation.
It is said that Bhrigu wanted to test who is the most patient among the holy trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Bhrigu tested Brahma and Shiva and was not pleased. When he went to visit Vishnu, Vishnu was taking a nap and did not notice Bhrigu enter. Angry with this, Bhrigu kicked Vishnu on the chest. Vishnu woke up from his nap and asked Bhrigu whether his foot was hurt, instead of getting angry at just been kicked. Bhrigu then decided that Vishnu was the most patient among the trinity.
Next, Shri Krishna says that among all the utterances or spoken words, the word Om, made up of just one letter, is the foremost. The entire Mandukya Upanishad describes the glory of the word Om in great detail, and uses Om as a method to achieve liberation.
In Indian culture, there are several rituals for appeasing various deities. Shri Krishna says that the act of chanting a mantra, also known as japa, is the foremost ritual possible. This is because most other rituals require wealth for procurement of materials, lot of time as well as knowledge of the right procedures and mantras. The ritual of japa is easy because it does not have such requirements. It can also be performed by someone who may not be physically fit or bedridden.
The Himalayas, the “abode of snow”, is the highest and most massive mountain system in the world. It comprises a 2400 km span of land with peaks ranging as high as 8000 metres. Shri Krishna says that among the immobile objects in the world, the Himalayas are the most prominent manifestation of Ishvara.