dronam cha bheeshmam cha jayadratham cha karnam tathaanyaanapi yodhaveeraan |
mayaa hataanstvam jahi maa vyathishthaa yudhyasva jetosi rane sapatnaan || 34 ||

Drona, Bheeshma and Jayadratha, Karna and other brave warriors have also been slain by me. So you kill them, do not be disturbed. Fight, and you will conquer your enemies in battle.
dronam : Drona
cha : and
bheeshmam : Bheeshma
jayadratham : Jayadratha
karnam : Karna
tathaa : also
anyaan : other
api : as well
yodhaveeraan : brave warriors
mayaa : by me
hataan : slain
tvam : you
jahi : kill
maa : do not
vyathishthaa : disturbed
yudhyasva : fight
jetosi : you will conquer
rane : in battle
sapatnaan : enemies
By this time, Arjuna’s mind had lost all sense of composure. Never in his life had he gane through so many unimaginable visions in such a short span of time. First he saw Ishvara’s pleasant cosmic form, then the fearful cosmic form, then he came to know the real nature of Ishvara’s destructive power, and finally he came to know that every action in the universe was determined by Ishvara. Shri Krishna recognized this state of mind and gave clear, simple and precise instructions to Arjuna : do not worry, just fight.
What was the source of Arjuna’s worry? Even since the war began, Arjuna was fearful of facing the most prominent warriors in the Kaurava army. Shri Krishna pointed them out here, maintaining the hierarchy of seniority: their guru Drona, the grandsire Bheeshma, Jayadratha who was protected by a divine boon, and Karna who was equal to Arjuna in prowess. He mentioned each of their names, implying that their fate was already sealed. There was no point in Arjuna worrying any more.
So then, what could Arjuna do? Shri Krishna said : just fight. Since all these mighty warriors have already killed by me, you kill them, not out of a sense of enmity or superiority, but out of a sense of performing your duty as a karma yogi. You be just be an instrument of Ishvara, that is the idea. Put the teaching of the Geeta into practice. If you perform actions in this manner, you will vanquish your enemies.
Sanjaya stepped in to describe Arjuna’s reaction in the next shloka.