gaamavishya cha bhootaani dhaarayaamyahamojasaa |
pushnaami chaushadheehee sarvaahaa somo bhootvaa rasaatmakaha || 13 ||

Entering the earth, I sustain all beings with my energy, and having become the nectar-giving Soma, I nourish all vegetation.
gaam : earth
aavishya : entering
cha : and
bhootaani : all beings
dhaarayaami : sustain
aham : I
ojasaa : energy
pushnaami : nourish
cha : and
aushadheehee : vegetation
sarvaahaa : all
somaha : Soma
bhootvaa : having become
rasaatmakaha : nectar-giving
Physicists devote entire careers to the study of forces. Despite several advances in the field, they are yet to find the grand theory that unifies the different understandings of gravity, electromagnetism, atomic forces and so on. Shri Krishna says that it is Ishvara that enters the earth and sustains every being, every atom in it through his force. Just like there is a force holding our body together, there is a force that holds the earth as one entity. So whenever we admire the granduer and majesty of earth’s natural wonders, we should not forget that the very same force holds our body together as one cohesive unit.
Energy requires a medium to travel from its source to its destination. In order to provide nourishment to all living beings, Ishvara resides in the form of nectar, the sap, the essence of all vegetation. A healthy plant-life in any ecosystem ensures the prosperity of animals, birds and humans that depend upon it. Many commentators including Shri Shankaraacharya have translated Soma to mean the moon. It is said that the moon’s light enhances the nutrional value of all plant life. This sap, this essence within the plants that gives energy to all life also gives us energy. Moreover, many herbs have medicinal value in additional to their nutritional value, providing yet another layer of benefits to all animals and humans.
In this manner, whether it is energy, nourishment or healing, Ishvara is pulsating through us in the very same manner that he is pulsating through the world. Now, this energy needs to be extracted from its source and absorbed into our bodies. We shall see how Ishvara makes this happen in the next shloka.