chintaamaparimeyaam cha pralayaantaamupaashritaahaa |
kaamopabhogaparamaa etaavaditi nishchitaahaa || 11 ||

Occupied with infinite worries that end only with death, they treat desire and consumption as the highest, assured that that is all.
chintaam : worries
aparimeyaam : infinite
cha : and
pralayaantaam : ending with death
upaashritaahaa : occupied
kaamopabhogaparamaahaa : those who treat desire and consumption as the highest
etaavat : that is all
iti : in this manner
nishchitaahaa : assured
So far we saw how highly materialistic people inflict harm upon society. Now, Shri Krishna shows how they cause harm to themselves as well. He says that those devilish individuals, those with aasuri sampatti do not have even a single moment of peace. Their mind is always agitated with an infinite number of anxieties and worries. This state of affairs, this constant state of tension never ends, it goes on all the way till the end of their life.
Every selfish desire comes pre-packaged with the seed of anxiety. Why is this so? In anyone’s life, there will always be one desire or another that remains unfulfilled. It is quite normal. But when we give the utmost importance to desire and consumption, when we make it the ultimate goal of life, our mind is in a constant state of agitation until each desire is fulfilled. And even if we have all the wealth and power in the world, there will always be something that we are missing, which will in turn generate anxiety.
But if our worldview incorporates something higher, if we seek a higher goal than goes beyond materialism, we expand our sense of self, our sense of I. Instead of only thinking about our own well being, we start caring about our family, our parents, our city, our nation and so on. Now it does not matter if we have to undergo any suffering, because we care about something that is higher than us. The culmination of this expansion of self happens when we begin to have faith in the highest self, Ishvara, the faith that he will ensure our well being. Consequently, our anxiety about our well being begins to diminish.