yeshaamarthe kaankshitam no raajyam bhoogaha sukhani cha |
te imevasthitaa yudhde praanaamstyaktvaa dhanaani cha || 33 ||
Those, for whose sake we seek kingdom, enjoyment and happiness, are present here in war, ready to give up their desire for life and wealth. 
yeshaam : those
arthe : for whose sake
kaankshitam : desire
naha : our
raajyam : kingdom
bhogaaha: enjoyment
sukhaani : happiness
cha : and
te : those
ime : their
avasthitaa : present here
yudhdhe : in the war
praanaam : their lives
tyaktvaa : given up
dhanaani : desire for wealth
Here Arjuna continues his fall into delusion by justifying why there is no point in living, or in carrying out the mission that he had committed to carry out. In his confused state, his mind mixed up his personal relationships with his mission-wise relationships.
In work, we are often asked to “not take things personally”. Here we see an example of what happens when someone in war inserts personal aspects of his life into his work, resulting in complete confusion and breakdown of the mission.