gatasangasya muktasya jnyaanavasthitachetasaha |
yajnaayaachaarataha karma samagram pravileeyate || 23 ||

One who is unattached, who is liberated, who is established in knowledge, works for the sake of yajnya, his actions are completely dissolved.

gata-sangasya : one who is unattached
muktasya : one who is liberated
jnyaana-avasthita-chetasaha: one who is established in knowledge
yajnaaya : for yajnya
aachaarataha : works
karma : actions
samagram : completely
pravileeyate : dissolved

What is the end result of following the practical tips given so far? Shri Krishna says that if we make the yajnya spirit a part of our life, rather than implement it only in work projects, it has the power to destroy all our vaasanaas. In this shloka, he tells Arjuna that for the person who is totally detached, free from attachments and established in the eternal essence, all of his accumulated karmaas melt away, like ice before the sun.

As we learned earlier, we perform selfish actions as a result of an unhealthy relationship with the world. Each such selfish action generates a negative reaction from the world which accumulates in our psyche as a karma. The way out of this predicament is correct knowledge, which is nothing but a healthy relationship with the world where all traces of selfishness are gone, where one works in a spirit of yajnya. This attitude of yajnya slowly makes us lose our identification with the body, mind, intellect and material objects. As our attachment goes away, we become liberated individuals.

Shri Krishna concludes the current topic of practical karmayoga advice by assuring us that the fire of knowledge burns the masses of karma that we have accumulated, provided that our actions are totally unselfish.