praapya punyakritaam lokaanushitvaa shaashvateeh samaaha |
hucheenaam shreemataam gehe yogabrashtobhijaayate || 41 ||

Obtaining those worlds destined for performers of virtuous deeds, and residing there for several years, that one who has fallen from yoga is born in the home of the pure and illustrious.
praapya : having obtained
punyakritaam : performers of virtuous deeds
lokaan : worlds of
ushitvaa : resided
shaashvateeh : several
samaaha : years
shucheenaam : pure
shreemataam : illustrious
gehe : home
yogabrasht : that one who has fallen from yoga
abhijaayate : is born
Shri Krishna continues to answer Arjuna’s question with regards to what happens to the unfulfilled meditator after death. He says that such a meditator attains heaven, and having stayed there for a long period of time, he is born into an illustrious family.
Many of us strive to perform meritorious acts or “punya” throughout our life, and at the same time try to avoid or minimize demerits or “paapa”. The difference between paapa and punya determines our fate after death. Those that have an excess of punya go to heaven after death, others go to hell. So Shri Krishna says that one who follows the path of meditation is automatically qualified to access the very same heaven that is attained by people who have performed immeasurable meritorious deeds. He does not have to worry about counting merits and demerits, he just has to continue meditating.
Now, no matter how much pleasure it gives, the stay in heaven is always temporary. Once the allotted time runs out, the unfulfilled meditator will have to come back into the world. But it will not be such a bad thing. He will attain an environment that is conducive for continuing his spiritual journey. Shri Krishna says that such a person will be born into an illustrious family, one that is endowed not only with material wealth but also spiritual prowess.
Why should such a family need to have material wealth? The primary reason for the meditator to remain unfulfilled is that he still carried around traced of material desire. The new family that he is born into will give him the opportunity to get those material desires out of his system. As we have seen earlier, perfect meditation is possible only when material desires are addressed holistically.
Many of us may not be able to digest the notion of heaven and rebirth. In any case, Shri Krishna wants to assure us that the very laws of nature that take care of the meditator while he is alive will ensure that he will be taken care of even after death.
Do all unfulfilled meditators attain this state? Shri Krishna goes into this topic next.