teshaam jnyaanee nityayukta ekabhaktirvishishyate |
priyo hi jnyaaninotyarthamaham sa cha mama priyaha || 17 ||

Among those, the wise one who is constantly connected with single-pointed devotion is special, for I am dear to him, and he is dear to me.
teshaam : among those
jnyaanee : the wise one
nityayuktaha : constantly connected
ekabhaktihi : single-pointed devotion
vishishyate : is special
priyaha : dear
hi : for
jnyaaninaha : wise
atyartham : extremely
aham : I am
saha : he
cha : and
mama : me
priyaha : dear
Previously, Shri Krishna enumerated the four types of devotees that seek Ishvara’s refuge. Now, Shri Krishna says that the wise devotee is special among the four types of devotees. The wise devotee is always striving to be connected with him. Shri Krishna gives the reason for the special nature of this devotee in this and the next shloka.
A wise devotee has gone through a lot of ups and downs in life like anyone else. But he has taken the time to accurately analyze his situation. He has come to the conclusion that no matter what he gains – a new job, new house, investments and so on – he is still left with a sense of incompleteness. Unlike the other three types of devotees that seek something finite, he wants to go beyond finite things. In other words, he is seeking infinitude.
Having come to this conclusion, his search for infinitude has culminated in Ishvara. He intuitively knows that it is Ishvara that is going to give him infinitude. He then takes to the path of spirituality from the very early stages: karmayoga for purification of the mind, followed by meditation for single-pointedness of mind, hoping eventually to culminate in attainment of the infinite Ishvara.
There is another reason for the special nature of the wise devotee, which we shall see next.