maamupetya punarjanma duhkhaalayamashaashvatam |
naapnuvanti mahaatmaanaha samsiddhim paramaam gataaha || 15 ||

Having obtained me, these esteemed do not attain rebirth, the transient abode of sorrow. They attain the goal of supreme success.
maam : me
upetya : having obtained
punarjanma : rebirth
duhkhaalayam : abode of sorrow
ashaashvatam : transient
na : do not
aapnuvanti : they attain
mahaatmaanaha : esteemed individuals
samsiddhim : success
paramaam : supreme
gataaha : goal
What happens if we diligently meditate upon Ishvara while performing our duties? Shri Krishna provides the answer in this shloka. He says that such people do not attain rebirth after they die. They attain something much higher – they attain Ishvara himself.
First, let us examine how Shri Krishna describes our present condition. Our worldly existence is transient, which means that there is no sense of permanence. Look at our body. It grows from a small baby all the way into adulthood and old age. There is not one moment where it is the same. Similarly, all aspects of our life are impermanent. Therefore, Shri Krishna summarizes our existence in one word “duhkhaalaya” or abode of sorrow. It is a constant quest for happiness through impermanence, which is like trying to hold on to a bubble.
Most people are well entrenched in this pursuit thinking that it is normal. But some have figured out the fallacy in this pursuit and begun their journey towards Ishvara. They are referred to as “mahaatmaas” or esteemed individuals in this shloka. Those who sincerely pursue this path attain the supreme goal : Ishvara himself. If we get Ishvara, we will not get revisit the world ever again. It is like waking up from a dream – we will not get to go back. So if we hold on to the world, we will never get Ishvara. It is an either/or situation.
So therefore, once we decide that our goal is Ishvara, and develop dispassion or vairagya towards the world, we should diligently pursue karma yoga combined with meditation as prescribed by Shri Krishna in the Gita. Here, Shri Krishna concludes the topic of attainment of Ishvara through meditation. The next topic around creation and dissolution of the universe is taken up next.