macchittaa madgatapraanaa bodhayantaha parasparam |
kathayantashcha maam nityam tushyanti cha ramanti cha || 9 ||

Their mind absorbed in me, their life force absorbed in me, educating each other and conversing with each other about me daily, they find contentment and delight.
macchittaa : their mind absorbed in me
madgatapraanaa : their life force absorbed in me
bodhayantaha : educating
parasparam : each other
kathayantaha : conversing
cha : and
maam : my
nityam : daily
tushyanti : contentment
ramanti : delight
Having described the state of avikampa yoga or the yoga of unwavering devotion, Shri Krishna now describes the state of the unwavering devotee. He says that their minds are always absorbed in contemplating Ishvara and their entire lives are submitted in extolling the virtues of Ishvara. This gives them an eternal source of joy and contentment.
The Swiss are known for running their trains with near-perfect precision. If the train has to leave the platform at 9:30 am, it will leave the station not one second earlier or later. So whenever we have to board a train in Switzerland, there will never be a doubt in our mind as to whether the train will be on time or not. Our faith in the precision of their train system is unshakeable.
Similarly, when we our faith in Ishvara becomes firm, we do not go running towards other sources of joy in the world. We recognize that the universe operates under Ishvara’s laws, and that any pleasant or unpleasant situations that we encounter are a result of our prior actions. They are not random or arbitrary. Our likes and dislikes will slowly thin down. We will take every situation as a learning experience and keep our focus on Ishvara.
Shri Krishna says that when devotees gain such a strong faith and conviction in Ishvara, they do not think about anything else. Like cricket fans who eat, sleep, breathe and talk about cricket, the devotees converse about Ishvara, educate each other about Ishvara and dedicate their mind and senses to Ishvara.
Why do they do this? They only find contentment and joy in Ishvara since they do not need to run towards material objects for happiness. They revel in Ishvara. This is the difference between an ordinary seeker and a serious seeker. An ordinary seeker is interested in Ishvara “also”, whereas a serious seeker is interested in Ishvara “only”.
When such tremendous devotion is poured into Ishvara, the result should be something extraordinary. What is it? This is taken up next.