vaktumarhasyasheshena divyaa hyaatmavibhootayaha |
yaabhirvibhootibhirlokaanimaanstvam vyaapya tishthasi || 16 ||

Only you are capable of describing your divine expressions in totality. You are established in the universes by pervading them with these expressions.
vaktum : describing
arhasi : you are capable
asheshena : in totality
divyaahaa : divine
hi : only
aatma : your
vibhootayaha : expressions
yaabhihi : which
vibhootibhihi : by expressions
lokaan : universes
imaan : these
tvam : you
vyaapya : by pervading
tishthasi : established
Arjuna, eager to know the true nature of Ishvara, now understood that Ishvara is not some third party that creates and sustains the universe by standing outside of it. To that end, he acknowledges that Ishvara is part and parcel of the universe by saying that Ishvara has established himself by pervading the entire universe with his manifestations and expressions. It is like saying that the Internet, by pervading our every activity, has established itself in our
With this realization, Arjuna begins to request Shri Krishna to give him a detailed understanding of Ishvara’s expressions. Since Ishvara is the origin, the first cause, only Ishvara in the form of Shri Krishna is capable or competent to reveal his true nature to Arjuna.
For example, only a really old person who was alive during the Indian freedom struggle can reveal details to us that we may never hear about or read about anywhere else. Similarly, only Ishvara can reveal his divine opulence and glories. It is said that the Vedas, also known as “shruti”, are the mouthpiece of Ishvara. The Gita has been derived from the Vedas.
Arjuna, having praised Ishvara, now begins asking his question in the next shloka.