pashyaadityaanvasoonrudraanaashvinau marutastathaa |
bahoonyadrishtapoorvaani pashyaashcharyaani bhaarata || 6 ||

Behold the Aadityaas, the Vasus, the Rudraas, the Ashvinis as well as the Maruts, O Bhaarata. Behold the many astonishing (sights) that were invisible until now.
pashya : behold
adityaan : the Aadityaas
vasoon : the Vasus
rudraan : the Rudraas
ashvinau : the Ashvinis
marutaha : the Maruts
tathaa : as well as
bahooni : many
adrishta : invisible
poorvaani : until now
pashya : behold
aashcharyaani : astonishing
bhaarata : O Bhaarata
Shri Krishna continues to describe the Vishwa-roopa, the universal form of Ishvara. He now points to the deities and the demi-gods that are seen in his form, but were also mentioned as his divine expressions in the previous chapter. These were the twelve Aadityaas, the eight Vasus, the eleven Rudraas, the two Ashvinis and the forty-nine Maruts.
Arjuna would only have read about these deities in the scriptures. Now, he was fortunate enough to see those deities with those own eyes. Shri Krishna calls this fact to his attention by saying that these sights were invisible or inaccessible to everyone else but Arjuna. Also, Shri Krishna repeatedly says “pashya” or behold, to underscore this point.
If a teenager who is an ardent fan of Spiderman somehow manages to meet him in person, what would his reaction be? It is astonishment, “aascharya”, which is defined as “that which makes us go aah”, that which makes our mouth wide open for a very long time. Shri Krishna, further describing his form, says that these sights are nothing short of pure astonishment.