vayuryamognirvarunaha shashaankaha prajaapatistvam prapitaamahashcha |
namo namastestu sahastrakritvaha punashcha bhooyopi namo namaste || 39 ||

You are Vayu, Yama, Agni, Varuna, Shashaanka, Prajaapati and Prapitaamaha. Salutations to you a thousand times. Salutations to you, again and again.
vayuhu : Vayu
yamaha : Yama
agnihi : Agni
varunaha : Varuna
shashaankaha : Shashaanka
prajaapatihi : Prajaapati
tvam : you
prapitaamaha : Prapitaamaha
cha : and
namaha : salutations
namaha : salutations
te : to you
astu : let there be
sahastrakritvaha : a thousand times
punaha : again
cha : and
bhooyoha : again
api : also
namaha : salutations
namaha : salutations
te : to you
Arjuna understood that the source of nature’s power was none other than Ishvara. He saw Ishvara in all the primal forces of nature and listed their presiding deities: Vayu, the lord of wind who sustains all living beings. Yama, the lord of death who ensures justice for everyone. Agni, the lord of fire who provides energy to all beings. Varuna, the lord of life-giving water. Shashaanka, the moon, who nourishes all plants and herbs.
How could Ishvara manifest as all these deities? Because Ishvara functions as Prajaapati, also known as Lord Brahmaa, creator of the universe who brought all the deities into existence. Vedic texts refer to Brahmaa as Hiranyagarbha, the golden womb that brought forth the universe. But Ishvara existed even before Brahmaa was created, he is the Prapitaamaha, the great-grandfather, the original person.
When we are humbled, when we come in the presence of someone who is infinitely more capable than we are, we could have one of two reactions. If we have no respect for that person, we could harbour feelings of resentment and anger. But in this case, Arjuna was humbled by Ishvara for whom he had the utmost reverence. Knowing that the source of the universe was on his side, all he could do was repeatedly prostrate and offer his salutations. Knowing that it was Ishvara who was doing his work all along, Arjuna’s completely surrendered his pride.