yotsyamaanaanaveksheaham ya etetra samaagataahaa |
dhaartraashtrasya durbudhyeryuddhe priyachikeershavaha || 23 ||

Let me see those battle-hungry warriors, those who wish to adore that evil-minded Dhritraashtra’s son, who have gathered here to fight this war.
yotsyamaanaan: battle-hungry warriors
avekshe : let me see
aham : I
ye ete atra : those who have
samaagataahaa : gathered
dhaartraashtrasya : Dhritrashtra’s son Duryodhana
durbudhyer: evil-minded
yuddhe : war
priyachikeershavaha : wanting to adore
Arjuna’s self-confidence and bravado rose to fever pitch. His words indicated disgust for Duryodhana, and everyone associated with him, including Dhritraashtra, who was Arjuna’s uncle and a senior figure in the family.  Arjuna seemed to say “my victory is guaranteed, my prowess is superior, so let me look at the people that I am going to kill in battle today”. He probably also wanted his opponents to take a closer look at him, so that the sight of Arjuna in full warrior mode would further weaken their spirits. Like Duryodhana’s comment from a few verses ago “our army is unlimited and theirs is not”, this comment indicated that Arjuna’s ego was as puffed up as Duryodhana’s.
Little did Arjuna know that Shri Krishna was going to totally change his state of mind very, very soon.