yacchaavahaasaarthamasatkritosi vihaarashayyasanabhojaneshu |
ekothavaapyachyuta tatsamaksham tatkshaamaye tvaamahamaprameyam || 42 ||

Whatever insults were said to you in jest, while resting, sleeping, sitting, dining, O resolute one, while in solitude or in front of others, for all that, I ask your forgiveness, O immeasureable one.
yat : whatever
cha : and
avahaasaartham : said in jest
asatkritaha : insults
asi : happened
vihaarashayyasanaha : resting, sleeping or sitting
bhojaneshu : dining
ekaha : in solitude
athavaa: or
api : also
achyuta : O resolute one
tatsamaksham : in front of others
tat : that
kshaamaye : forgiveness
tvaam : your
aham : I
aprameyam : O immeasureable one
Throughout the Gita, Shri Krishna repeatedly emphasized the importance of maintaining an attitude of equanimity, of sameness, to objects, situations and people that we encounter. He used phrases like “do not view a brahmin different that an outcaste”, “view gold and clay as the same”, “one who views friends, enemies and well wishers with the same vision is superior”. But when Arjuna examined his past treatment of Krishna, he found that he did not live up to that standard.
Now that he had received the knowledge of equanimity from Shri Krishna, Arjuna wanted to confess his misbehaviour and ask for forgiveness from Shri Krishna. He acknowledged that his behaviour was purely driven by ignorance and jest. It is said in the Mahaabhaarata that Arjuna was fond of pulling pranks on Shri Krishna during their childhood days. He once pulled a chair on which Shri Krishna was about to sit. He wanted to reassure Shri Krishna that in all those pranks, he meant no malice whatsoever.
As he implored for forgiveness, Arjuna addressed Shri Krishna as “achyuta”, one who never falls from his position, asserting that Shri Krishna’s conduct was beyond reproach, that he practised what he preached. He also addressed him as “aprameyam”, one who is so infinite that he cannot be measured. Forgiveness can only come from one who has a large heart. Confessing his wrongdoings to Shri Krishna enabled Arjuna to start with a clean slate and begin to follow his teachings.