Sanjaya uvaacha
evamukto hrishikesho gudaakeshena bhaarata |
senyorubhayormadhye sthaapayitvaa rathottamam || 24 ||
bheeshmadronapramukhataha sarveshaam cha maheekshitaam |
uvaacha paartha pashyaitaansamavetankuruniti || 25 ||

Sanjay said:
O descendant of Bharat, having heard Gudaakesha address him, Hrisheekesha positioned his magnificent chariot between the two armies.
In front of Bheeshma, Drona and the other kings, he said “O Paartha, behold all the Kuru warriors gathered here”.
evam-ukto : thus addressed
hrishikesho : conquerer of the senses – Shri Krishna
gudaakeshena : conquerer of sleep – Arjuna
bhaarata : descendant of Bharata – Dhritraashtra
senyorubhayormadhye : between the two armies
sthaapayitvaa : position
rath-uttamam: magnificent chariot
bheeshma-drona: Bheeshma and Drona
pramukhataha : in front of
sarveshaam : everyone
cha : and
maheekshitaam : kings
uvaacha : said
paartha : Arjuna, son of Prithaa
pashya : behold
etaan : all
samavetaan: assembled members
kurun : Kuru dynasty
iti : thus
Shri Krishna obeyed Arjuna’s instructions, like any devoted charioteer should, and positioned their chariot in the middle of the Kaurava and Paandava armies. But he chose an interesting location, he positioned it right where Arjuna could see his fondest relatives, friends and well wishers on the Kaurava side. So now, Arjuna was face to face with the people he had love and respect for, including Bheeshma and Drona.
This verse contains the first words spoked by Shri Krishna in the Gita, and reflect his wise and clever personality. Instead of referring to the Kauravas as “sons of Dhritraashtra” as Arjuna and Sanjaya did, he refers to them as “Kurus”. This was an interesting choice, because both Kauravas and Paandavas are part of the Kuru dynasty. So Shri Krishna was pointing out the similarity between the two armies rather than their differences.
In addition, Shri Krishna wanted to use this opportunity to create the conditions in which he would deliver the teaching of the Gita. He knew that Arjuna’s puffed up ego and battle spirit would be challenged by bringing him face to face with warriors like Bheeshma and Drona, who were not just mighty and powerful, but were also people he cared a lot about.