naite srutee paartha jaananyogee muhyati kashchana |
tasmaatsarveshu kaaleshu yogayukto bhavaarjuna || 27 ||

Knowing both these paths, any yogi is not deluded, O Paartha. Therefore, remain engaged in yoga at all times, O Arjuna.
na : not
ete : both
srutee : paths
paartha : O Paartha
jaanan : knower
yogee : yogi
muhyati : deluded
kashchana : any
tasmaat : therefore
sarveshu : at all
kaaleshu : times
yogayuktaha : engaged in yoga
bhava : remain
arjuna : O Arjuna
Shri Krishna starts to conclude the topic of the jeeva’s journey after death. He says that those who have knowledge of the fate of the jeeva after death is not deluded or misinformed. With this knowledge, we can change his behavior on earth in order to qualify for the right path after our death.
Of the two paths mentioned in this chapter, there was one that led to liberation. Shri Krishna advises us to follow the path of selfless action combined with single pointed devotion, in other words, karma yoga and bhakti yoga. This is indicated by the phrase “remain engaged in yoga” in this shloka.
All of this knowledge has already been explained to us. Karma yoga was the theme of the first six chapters, and bhakti yoga is the theme of chapters six through twelve. We have a choice. We can either read those chapters with an intellectual bent, or we can actually put the teachings to practice in our lives by remaining engaged in yoga “at all times”. The choice is up to us.
Shri Krishna summarizes and concludes this chapter in the next shloka.