vedeshu yajneshu tapahasu chaiva daaneshu yatpunyaphalam pradishtam |
atyeti tatsarvamidam viditvaa yogee param sthaanamupaiti chaadyam || 28 ||

Whatever auspicious results have been indicated in the Vedas, rituals, austerities and also in charity, the yogi transcends all these having known this (knowledge), and attains the primal supreme state.
vedeshu : in Vedas
yajneshu : in rituals
tapahasu : in austerities
cha : and
eva : also
daaneshu : in charity
yat : whatever
punya : auspicious
phalam : results
pradishtam : have been indicated
atyeti : transcends
tat : these
sarvam : all
idam : this
viditvaa : having known
yogee : yogi
param : supreme
sthaanam : state
upaiti : attains
cha : and
aadyam : primal
Shri Krishna concludes the eighth chapter with this shloka. He tells us that he has spelled out an entire “flowchart for the afterlife”. With this knowledge, we have the means to achieve anything including heaven, rebirth and liberation. The outcome solely depends upon our behaviour while we are alive.
Traditionally, seekers used the instructions in the Vedas to perform rituals, austerities and charity. Many of them did so with the goal of attaining a better state in the afterlife. In our case, even though we may not perform rituals per se, our goal is similar. We try to do good actions and charity so that we can earn “punya” or merit for the afterlife. However, we know know that mere performance of good actions will get us to heaven, but we will eventually come back once our merits are exhausted.
Therefore, Shri Krishna recommends the bright path of devotion and action that leads us to the abode of Lord Brahma, and eventually into liberation. This path of graduated liberation, indicated by the phrase “supreme primal state” is also known as “krama mukti”. One who achieves this path transcends, or goes beyond the results of heaven, because he attains liberation which frees him from finitude.
Shri Krishna is not done yet. There is yet another path of liberation that is his personal favourite. We shall learn more in the coming chapters.
om tatsatiti shrimadbhagavadgitasu upanishadsu brahmavidyayaam yogashastre shrikrishnaarjunasamvade
aksharabrahmayogonaamo ashtamodhyaahaha || 8 |