aayudhaanaamaham vajram dhenoonaamasmi kaamadhuk |
prajanashchaasmi kandarpaha sarpaanaamasmi vaasukihi || 28 ||

Among the weapons, I am Vajra and among cows I am Kaamadhenu. Among the creative powers I am Kandarpa and among the snakes I am Vaasuki.
aayudhaanaam : among the weapons
aham : I am
vajram : Vajra
dhenoonaam : among cows
asmi : I am
kaamadhuk : Kaamadhenu
prajanaha : among the creative powers
cha : and
asmi : I am
kandarpaha : Kandarpa
sarpaanaam : among the snakes
asmi : I am
vaasukihi : Vaasuki
The Srimad Bhagavatam recounts the story of the demon Vritraasura who was created to kill all the deities. When their weapons were rendered powerless, they approached sage Dadhichi for help. Dadhichi, without any hesitation, offered to give his bones to the deities so that they could create Varja, the thunderbolt weapon of Lord Indra. Shri Krishna says that Ishvara is Vajra among the weapons, because it is powered by austerity and penance.
In the Puraanas, Kaamadhenu is a cow that has the ability to fulfill any desire that she is approached with. Even a normal cow has the ability to provide milk to a fanily in need, Symbolically, Kaamadhenu represents our mind because it can generate all kinds of thoughts, good or bad, out of thin air. Shri Krishna says that Ishvara expresses himself as Kaamadhenu.
Now, our mind has the ability to generate desires that prompt us to act. Kandarpa referes to Kaama deva, the lord of desire. Desires are the seed of creativity because without desire, there will be no creation. As we have seen so far, the Gita does not condemn desire as long as it falls within the purview of dharma or righteousness. So then, Ishvara manifests through those desires that are in line with dharma or righteousness.
Vaasuki is the king of snakes and is seen coiled around the neck of Lord Shiva. He symbolizes our ego or ahankaara, our sense of “I”. If we are able to tame our ego, then it becomes an ornament, as in the case of Lord Shiva. If we cannot tame it, it becomes dangerous and can strike us when we least expect it, by causing strong feeling of superiority or inferiority as an example. So Shri Krishna says that Vaasuki is Ishvara’s expression among all the snakes.
So whenever we see someone devote their life towards a selfless cause, when our mind generates positive thoughts, when our desires are righteous and our ego is in check, we should realize that all this is Ishvara’s expression.