manmanaa bhava madbhakto maddyaajee maam namaskuru |
maamevaishyasi satyam te pratijaane priyosi me || 65 ||

Fix your mind on me, become devoted to me, worship me, bow to me. You will reach me. This truth I declare to you, for you are dear to me.
manmanaahaa : fix your mind on me
bhava : become
madbhaktaha : devoted to me
maddyaajee : worship me
maam : me
namaskuru : bow
maam : me
eva : only
ishyasi : reach
satyam : truth
te : you
pratijaane : declare
priyaha : dear
asi : are
me : me
Shri Krishna now reveals the supreme statement, the essence of the Gita, in this shloka. The whole of the Gita comprises a comprehensive curriculum of spirituality. It is applicable for all kinds of seekers at all stages in their spiritual pursuit. A detailed study of the Gita requires several lifetimes. But, from a practical standpoint, is that aspect of the Gita that will benefit the majority of seekers who are stuck in the trappings of material world, not knowing how to take the first step. With this in mind, Shri Krishna provides a four point summary of the Gita.
The first point, and the main point, is that the seeker should fix their mind on Ishvara. How can this happen? The second point states that the seeker should become devoted to Ishvara. Devotion here means that the seeker’s actions and speech should support the mind in its attempt to fix itself on Ishvara. This will only happen when the entire day is filled with worship of Ishvara through one’s actions, which is the third point. If no actions are being performed, then the seeker can simply bow to Ishvara in reverence, which is the fourth point.
In the Srimad Bhaagavatam, when the great devotee Prahlad was asked by his father, the demon Hiranyakashipu, to reveal what he had learned in his school, Prahlad listed the nine fold aspects of bhakti, which is in line with this shloka. The nine forms of bhakti are hearing the name of Ishvara, repeating the name of Ishvara, remembering Ishvara, serving the feet of Isvhara, worshipping Ishvara, praising Ishvara, looking upon Ishvara as a master, treating Ishvara as a friend, and surrendering to Ishvara wholeheartedly.