na maam dushkritino moodhaahaa prapadyante naraadhamaahaa |
maayayaapahyatajnyaanaa aasuram bhaavamaashritaahaa || 15 ||

Wretched and deluded evildoers do not seek my refuge. Those whose wisdom has been abducted by maaya take support of devilish tendencies.
na : do not
maam : my
dushkritinaha : evildoers
moodhaahaa : deluded
prapadyante : seek refuge
naraadhamaahaa : wretched
maayayaa : through maayaa
apahyatajnyaanaa : those whose wisdom has been abducted
aasuram : devilish
bhaavam : tendencies
aashritaahaa : take support
Previously, Shri Krishna said that only those who take the refuge of Ishvara can cross over maaya. But, many people fail to follow this instruction. Instead, their wisdom is usurped by maaya. Maaya veils Ishvara, causing people to think that they don’t have to associate with Ishvara. Shri Krishna says that these people are not just deluded or ignorant, they are wretched, they are evil doers and are the lowest among human beings.
First of all, there are people who are somewhat deluded by maaya. They spend their lives running after material objects and possessions because they find joy in doing so. But they do so without causing any harm to anybody. Next, there are people who are even more deluded, who don’t hesitate to break the law in their pursuit of material objects. Finally, there are the worst kind of people who will resort to taking another’s life for their material fulfillment.
Having thus categorized people who are deluded by maaya, Shri Krishna calls their nature “aasuri” or devilish. Our goal should not to show up in this category. So then, what kind of people seek out Ishvara? This is taken up next.