anaadimadhyaantamanantaveeryamanantabaahum shashisooryanetram |
pashyaami tvaam deeptahutaashavaktram svatejasaa vishvamidam tapantam || 19 ||

I see you without beginning, middle and end, with infinite prowess and infinite arms, with the moon and sun as your eyes, with blazing fire out of your mouth. Your radiance burns this universe.
anaadi : without beginning
madhya : middle
antam : end
anantaveeryam : infinite prowess
anantabaahum : infinite arms
shashi : moon
soorya : sun
netram : eyes
pashyaami : I see
tvaam : you
deepta : blazing
hutaashavaktram : fire coming out of mouth
svatejasaa : your radiance
vishvam : universe
idam : this
tapantam : burns
Ishvara’s infinite nature is highlighted by Arjuna in this shloka. He repeatedly tried to search for the beginning, middle and end of Ishvara’s cosmic form, but fails to do so. He does find something for his mind to hold onto. The moon and the sun are seen as the eyes of the cosmic form. This is useful because it lets us, to the best of our mind’s ability, as a pointer to remembering Ishvara’s cosmic form when we see the moon or the sun.
Next, Arjuna describes Ishvara’s powerful prana shakti. Our prana powers all of our physiological functions. It enables us to digest food, move our hands and legs, circulate the blood and so on. Similarly, the cosmic prana of Ishvara also powers the universe, but is infinitely more powerful than our prana. This is revealed through the infinite arms seen by Arjuna, that represent the infinite prowess and power to perform actions.
Now, Arjuna begins to see a transformation in the cosmic form. It shifts from a pleasant picture to something a little different. Ishvara’s mouth begins to emit fire, representing the prana in him that consumes food. The food here, however, refers to the offerings we make in the form of sacrifices. The offering, or “hutam”, is consumed by Ishvara resulting in the fire from his mouth heating or powering the universe. This image reinforces the sacrificial wheel of the universe that was described in the third chapter.