amee cha tvaam dhritaraashtrasya putraahaa sarve sahaivaavanipaalasanghai |
bheeshmo dronaha sootaputrastathaasau sahaasmadeeyairapi yodhamukhyaihi || 26 ||

And all the sons of Dhritaraashtra, with bands of warrior kings, and also Bheeshma, Drona, and also that son of Soota, along with our prime warriors..
amee : these
cha : and
tvaam : you
dhritaraashtrasya : of Dhritaraashtra
putraahaa : sons
sarve : all
saha : with
eva : only
avanipaala : warrior kings
sanghai : bands of
bheeshmaha : Bheeshma
dronaha : Drona
sootaputraha : son of Soota
tathaa : also
asau : that
saha : with
asmadeeyahi : our
api : also
yodhamukhyaihi : prime warriors
Shri Krishna had a surprise in store for Arjuna, even though Arjuna wanted him to stop showing his terrible form. Among all the scenes shown on the canvas of the cosmic form, Arjuna began to see the Mahabhaarata war. However, he saw things that had not happened so far. In other words, Shri Krishna was showing him the future.
Maaya, Ishvara’s great power, creates space and time. Space and time create the sense of separateness between us and the universe. Both space and time are interrelated. The larger the space, the more time it takes to go from one corner to another. A fish can traverse a bowl much faster than it can traverse a giant aquarium tank. Only Ishvara, who is beyond the notion of space and time, could show a scene that was to occur in the future, like a movie director who solely knows the outcome of a script.
Earlier, Shri Krishna had destroyed all notion of space, since it appeared that everyone and everything had congealed together in his cosmic form. Now, he began eliminating the notion of time. Arjuna could see the past, present and future all at once in the cosmic form. He now saw the Paandava and the Kaurava armies in that scene. He had a special place of dislike for Karna, calling him “that son of a Suta”. Suta refers to one whose mother is a brahmin and
father is a kshatriya.
So then, what was happening to all these warriors? This shloka continues further.\